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About Terry Lamphier

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About Terry Lamphier
Published on: 3/22/2012 12:00 AM
Terry Lamphier was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in farm country in New York. The extended Lamphier family has traditionally engaged in dairy and beef farming, logging, milling and construction trades and small business endeavors, and enjoyed horseback riding, hunting, trapping, hiking, fishing and travel. 

Terry was a record-setting athlete in high school and won a National Merit Scholarship upon graduation. He was nominated for the Air Force Academy by Congressman Sam Stratton, but regrettably was disqualified for impaired vision. He has worked as a licensed remodeling contractor in the Bay area and Grass Valley for over 30 years.   

In 2005 Terry served briefly as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Grass Valley. He was elected to represent District 3 on the Board of Supervisors in 2010.  As Supervisor, Terry serves as Nevada County's representative on several advisory committees and commissions, including the Mental Health Advisory Board (as Vice Chair), the Regional Housing Authority of Sutter and Nevada Counties, the Northern Sierra Biomass Task Force, the Sierra Planning Organization Board, the Yuba Bear Watershed Council and the Solid and Hazardous Waste Commission.   

Terry believes that the definition of "good government" is government that is transparent, accessible, and socially and fiscally responsible. This means, one that works to give value to the community by efficiently providing services our county citizens deem necessary and desirable, while supporting policies that nurture a diverse and sustainable economy.  He believes it is critical to develop and implement, in partnership with our community, policies that recognize the challenges of today's times.  Terry supports opportunities for new job growth, particularly in the areas of "green" high-tech businesses, enhanced/expanded broadband services, local agriculture and forestry interests, and repurposing of mining brownfields.   He also supports land use development policies that, where feasible and appropriate, include "live/work" and "mixed use" design concepts, natural resource protection with public access, and sustainable resource and energy management design practices. 

A lifelong student, Terry attended several colleges part time alongside his contracting business, and graduated in 2010 as an honor student with an AA degree from Sierra College in Grass Valley.  His current hobbies include writing, movies, skiing, gold panning, travel and photography.  
Terry Lamphier
District 3 Supervisor
Supervisor District 3

950 Maidu Avenue Suite 200
Nevada City, Ca 95959
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Phone: 530.265.1480
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