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CalWORKs Employment Services Training Activities

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CalWORKs Employment Services Training Activities
Published on: 3/13/2012 12:00 AM
Some of the activities in which clients participate include:
  • Orientation/Appraisal: This first activity will explain the CalWORKs Employment Services program and an appraisal will be done to examine each client's skills and abilities.
  • Job Club: Prepares a client to be job-ready and actively seek employment.  It consists of one week of classroom instruction (to help clients set goals, write resumes, acquire job interview skills, and keep a job) followed by additional weeks of structured Job Search/Networking
  • Self-Initiated Programs: If a client is currently enrolled in a full-time vocational training or educational program at an approved school and expected to complete the program prior to using their 60-month time limit, the County may approve this as a self-sufficiency activity.
  • Assessment: This activity is for the client and the County to put together an Employment Plan to help the client get a job. Assessment staff will look at a client's abilities, interests, achievement tests, work history, and education. CalWORKs Employment Services will also assess for learning disabilities.
  • Adult Basic Education Services:  If a client has not completed high school, does not have basic reading or math skills, or does not speak English, he/she may be assigned to an educational activity such as Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language (ESL), or GED classes.
  • Work Experience / Community Service: In this activity clients will develop their job skills by training and working in public or private non-profit organizations or private companies. Clients will not receive wages but will build up their work history.
  • Vocational Training: This activity will teach clients skills to qualify them for a specific job. Vocational programs are often short-term and may result in a certificate.
  • Retention and Advancement Services: Helps clients keep their jobs and/or secure higher paying positions as they work toward self-sufficiency.
  • Subsidized Employment: This temporary activity is funded through the American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that provides job placements. Clients receive valuable work experience and receive paid wages. The wages the employer pays are subsidized.
Supportive Services
CalWORKs Employment Services will help clients with supportive services in order to allow them to participate in a self-sufficiency activity.  Supportive services include:
  • Child Care: If child care is necessary for a client to get a job or participate in other CalWORKs Employment Services activities, child care payments can be made for children under 13 who are in the client's CalWORKs case.
  • Transportation: The County will pay up to a certain amount for travel to and from the self-sufficiency activity and travel to and from the child care location.
  • Work or Training Related Expenses: Payments for books, tools, and special clothing can also be made if it is necessary for a client to participate in assigned activities.
  • Ancillary Services: Counseling and treatment services are available to clients in the areas of domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health.  Also included are tattoo removal and conviction record expunge. 
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