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Doing Business with Nevada County

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Doing Business with Nevada County
Published on: 4/10/2012 12:00 AM

What we Buy

The County of Nevada buys a wide variety of goods and services: from office supplies to ammunition, tree trimming to psychiatric services, car parts to fresh bread.

For some products, such as personal computers and highly specialized equipment, the County has adopted standard models in order to ensure compatibility and ease of maintenance and support. Generally, we seek products and services that provide the best value, which doesn’t always mean the lowest price.

The County seeks to purchase products with the lowest overall environmental impact from manufacturing through end of life. Vendors are encouraged to suggest recyclable equivalents whenever these goods  meet product specifications and are economically advantageous for the County.

Where we Buy

For most routine purchases, County departments do their own research and select the products and vendors that best meet their needs. In other cases, such as office and janitorial supplies, cellular phone service, and a handful of other goods and services,  the County contracts with a single vendor or utilizes a cooperative contract negotiated by another public agency to provide competitive pricing to all County departments. Comparison shopping is encouraged for all purchases and is required for any purchases of items costing more than $6,500.

The County prefers to purchase goods from local businesses. Any local business that qualifies for local preference will have its bid judged as being the lowest if the bid is within 5% of the lowest bid not qualifying for local preference. A local preference in contracts for services is used only in select cases. By law, we may not give a local preference for competitively bid public works contracts or federally funded contracts.

How we Buy

Direct payment and credit card purchases: County Department Heads may authorize most routine purchases of up to $1,000 without a Purchase Order. This is generally done through a credit card or, when the vendor is willing, through payment of the vendor’s invoice. A County credit card may not be used for professional services.

Purchase Orders and Contracts:  Any purchase over $1,000 must be authorized in advance of any goods or services being provided, by a purchase order or contract. All purchases of goods over $1,000 per transaction must be approved in advance by the County Purchasing Agent. Contracts for services must be approved by either the County Executive Officer (up to $5,000), the Purchasing Agent (up to $25,000), or the Board of Supervisors.
Please do not provide goods or services priced at over $1,000 to a County Department without a properly executed Purchase Order or contract.  Doing so will put the transaction at risk of cancellation or, at best, significantly delay payment.

Blanket Purchase Orders are issued when the County intends to make several purchases from a single vendor over a stated period of time, typically the County’s fiscal year (July through June). The amount of the blanket purchase order sets a limit on the amount authorized to be purchased,  and there is no guaranteed minimum.


How we Pay our Bills

Vendors must have a vendor data record (in lieu of IRS form W-9) on file with the County Auditor-Controller in order to be paid. Vendors may request to be paid by electronic funds transfer. The County department requesting the purchase will provide the vendor with the necessary forms.  Invoices must be submitted directly to the contracting department, which is identified by the “Bill to” address on the purchase order . Include the PO or contract number on your invoice in order to expedite payment. Terms, unless specifically indicated otherwise in the purchase order or contract, are Net 30 days  from receipt of invoice after goods and services have been delivered.

Gifts and Gratuities

The County maintains a strict policy prohibiting its employees from accepting gifts and or gratuities from any supplier. Please be mindful of this policy.

Mary Ross
County Purchasing Agent

950 Maidu Avenue Suite 130
Nevada City, Ca 95959
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Phone: 530.265.1238
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