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Web Page
Apiary InformationDate: 4/7/2014 Size: 180KB
State law requires all apiaries to register with their County Agricultural …

Apiary Registratio Form 2012Date: 3/29/2012 Size: 77KB
Apiary Reg form 2012 v2.pdf … □ Please check, if your address has changed. …

Web Page
Direct Marketing and Farmers MarketsDate: 4/4/2014 Size: 184KB
Direct-Marketing-and-Farmers-Markets.aspx … CA Code of Regulations Title3; Division 3 …

Web Page
Egg Quality ControlDate: 4/11/2014 Size: 179KB
County inspectors enforce state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to eggs …

Web Page
EGVM Compliance Agreement InformationDate: 5/24/2013 Size: 186KB
​European Grapevine Moth Compliance Agreement InformationIMPORTANT: Changes were made …

Web Page
EGVM Information for Growers and WineriesDate: 5/24/2013 Size: 185KB
EGVM-Information-for-Growers-and-Wineries.aspx … If you become aware of such a vineyard …

Microsoft Word
Equipment List Form for Pest Control Registration.doc … LIST BELOW ALL EQUIPMENT TO BE …

Nevada County 2012 EGVM Quarantine MapDate: 3/8/2012 Size: 1MB

Web Page
Nursery Licensing and InspectionDate: 5/24/2013 Size: 181KB
Nursery LicensingAll wholesale and retail nurseries in Nevada County must be …

Web Page
Operator Identification NumbersDate: 5/24/2013 Size: 180KB
The purpose of operator identification numbers is to enable tracking of agricultural …