Resolving Disputes

The County Resolving Issues

The County is not a referee for tenant-landlord disputes. Generally disputes are best resolved between the renter and property owner. Assistance in mediating landlord-tenant disputes may be available from the Conflict Resolution Center of Nevada County

Renter's Rights

The General Rule for maintenance of rented properties as presented by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs is: “When a landlord rents an apartment or a house to a tenant (renter), the rented property must be fit to live in, in other words, the rented property must be “habitable.” During the time that the property is being rented, the landlord must do maintenance work and make repairs that are necessary to keep it habitable. However, the landlord is not responsible to the tenant for repairing damage caused by the tenant, or the tenant’s guest, children or pets.”

For information about your rights and suggestions on ways to resolve housing complaints between tenants and landlords, contact the:
State of California Department of Consumer Affairs
400 R Street
Suite 3090
Sacramento, CA 95814-6200
Phone: 800-952-5210
State Department of Consumer Affairs website
Access a Guide to Residential Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities (PDF).

Filing a Complaint

Before filing a complaint with Code Compliance you must notify your landlord via certified mail of the issues you are having with the rental unit. If the landlord is still unwilling to make the unit habitable within the limits of their responsibility, you may then submit a complaint through the County’s Code Compliance Division. Along with the complaint form, you must include a copy of your letter to the landlord, along with a copy of the signed receipt card confirming that the landlord has received your letter.

Access the Code Compliance Complaint Form (PDF)