Local Broadband Providers & Coverage Maps

Broadband Providers

We recommend you consult our table, then perform an Internet search on broadband providers in Google or Bing or another search engine to find contact info. (If you’re a local provider and not listed, please email us.)
Provider Wireline Cellular Wireless
Fixed Wireless
AT&T Yes (DSL, U-verse)
No No
Colfax.net No No Yes No
DigitalPath No No Yes No
DirecTV No No No Yes
Dish Network
No No No Yes
exWire No No Yes No
GoSkyWestBroadband No
No Yes
Hughes Net
No No No Yes
Smarter Broadband
Yes (DSL)
No Yes
Spiral Internet
Yes (DSL)
No Yes No
Sprint No Yes No No
Succeed.net Yes (DSL)
No Yes No
Suddenlink Yes (Cable)
No No
Verizon Wireless
Yes No No
Wildblue No No No Yes
If you’re a business, most providers have a special business sales unit to service you. Ask for the local representative when you call their main numbers as you will get better service from a representative that knows your area.

Access tips and questions to ask providers when ordering services from the website created by the California Emerging Technology Fund.

Coverage Map

The State of California conducts regular surveys of providers to build broadband coverage maps. There is a lot of debate in the community on the accuracy of these maps. As discussed under the challenges section, it is difficult for a provider to describe the larger general area they cover and then to accurately take out all the individual “pockets” that they can’t reach. This leaves the map with a more positive depiction of local broadband coverage than is reality. The best thing to do is to contact all the providers in your area and find out which ones can actually service your location, then at what speeds and for what costs.

Multiple Provider Options

Many residents don’t realize that there are multiple broadband providers in our community, so if you call one and they can’t provide you service, don’t give up. Keep contacting other providers, especially the wireless providers for the more rural locations.

The image of the map provided is just a best guess approximation of where the ISP's deliver services since they do not provide us this information. Phase 1 is Spiral Internet's new 1Gigabytes fiber to the home project, they have a phase 2 and 3 planned over the next 5-7 years. Suddenlink covers the entire Town of Truckee and Donner Summit and just announced they will be upgrading their Town of Truckee infrastructure to support 1Gigabyte Internet scheduled for Quarter 2, 2016.
High Speed Internet and Broadband Coverage Map
Map Notes
Truc​kee: The entire town​ limit and some of the Donner summit area is served by Suddenlink. AT&T provides DSL and fiber services in Truckee too. exWire is a local fixed wireless provider in the area that reaches outside of the wired providers footprints. Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T offer LTE/4G cellular based data services. Satellite is always an option too.