Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)



The Electronic Benefit Transfer Card (or EBT Card) is used like a debit card for both the Food Stamp and CalWORKs Cash Assistance programs. When your case is approved, the benefit amount is issued to the card for ease of use.

Locations to Use

You can use your EBT card at most local farmers markets to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, just ask at the Farmers Market's Information booth.

Get Cash

You can get cash at any ATM with the Quest decal using your EBT card with no fees.

Lost Cards

If you've lost your card, you can come to any Social Serivces office to get a replacement.


Beware!  There is an EBT scam to steal your benefits!  If you've received a text or phone call asking for your personal information, contact your county right away. Your county and the state will never text or call you requesting your personal information such as your EBT card number and your personal identification number (PIN).

Never give out your personal information to anyone, or you could have your benefits stolen and they cannot be replaced.  Keep your EBT card number and PIN a secret. Never give out your social security number, EBT card number or PIN to anyone.