F O O D      F A C I L I T I E S

Our department serves in the best interest of the public by assuring that all food is safe for people to eat. The food program uses the California Retail Food Code (CRFC) and other state laws to enforce food safety and construction requirements in all retail food facilities.

  1. Plan Checks
  2. New Food Facilities
  3. Change of Ownership
  4. Remodel
  5. Application Process
  6. Forms and Applications
  7. F E E S

California Retail Food Code requires a Plan Check Submittall to the Environmental Health Department for the following occurrences:

  • Food facilities that are built from the ground up

  • Facilities that are constructed from existing building spaces

  • Tenant improvements  

  • Existing food facilities that remodel, change equipment or change their menu.

Please see the following tabs for information on how to submit a Plan Check.


Contact NCDEH for more information at env.health@co.nevada.ca.us or (530) 265-1222.