P R I V A T E    R E S I D E N T I A L    W E L L S

Nevada County Environmental Health Department regulates the construction, modification, and destruction of water wells throughout the County in order to protect it's groundwater resources. Water Wells are commonly used as the only potable water supply in Nevada County.


N E W    W E L L S

Well Permit Applications can only be applied for by a licensed California Well Driller. This can be done online through our Accela Online Citizen Access Portal. Please contact a Licensed California Well Driller if you plan on drilling a well. 

Please keep in mind that a well permit expires one year after the permit issuance date.

After Installation

The Environmental Health Department requires the following well testing to be done prior to being hooked up to new residences:

     Well Yield Test is a four hour pump test to determine if the well can produce at least 3 gallons/minute sustained production              rateThe well ordinance can grant approval for a Certificate of Occupancy for well production as low at 1 gallon/minute with a           required minimum 1000 gallon holding tank. 

     Raw Water Certification is a bacteriological test performed by a California State Laboratory that determines if there are any            coliform bacteria present in the water. Coliform bacteria are indicator organisms that are readily found in soil, decaying                      vegetation, animal feces, untreated surface water and  may be accompanied by pathogens. The sample is taken by a Nevada          County Environmental Health Specialist and requires a fee. 

E X I S T I N G    W E L L S

Nevada County Environmental Health currently does not monitor groundwater levels or limit the amount of water extracted from private wells. 

Well Modification or Destruction

If your current well needs to be repaired, reconstructed or deepened, please contact a California Licensed Well Driller to determine how to proceed. 

Unused and abandoned wells can potentially contaminate groundwater used for drinking water. To prevent unnecessary contamination, wells that are no longer being used should be properly capped, sealed or destroyed. Please contact a licensed well driller for more information.

Contact a licensed well driller immediately if your well is no longer producing water.

Please view our FAQ page for more information. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us. 


Residential Well Permit  $533.22
Well Permit Renewal $132.11
Well Reconstruction - No Inspection $180.94
Well Reconstruction - With Inspection $357.08
Well Destruction $445.15
Raw Water Certification $445.15