A P P L Y    F O R    P E R M I T S    O N L I N E 

The Environmental Health Department is determined to be paperless by the end of 2017. 

We urge those that are applying for permits to do so online by either completing a fillable form and emailing it to env.health@co.nevada.ca.us or through our Accela Citizen Access Portal. Please keep in mind that most permits have an associated fee to be paid before it can be reviewed. For those that require a fee, please fill out the included Agreement to Pay form (in the permit application packet) and pay the fee online to initiate the review process of your permit application. This form is not required for Accela submittals, only electronic submittials via email. 

Only Land Use permit applications may be submitted through Acella. This includes Septic, OSSE, and Wells. Well Permits may only be submitted by the well driller. An Agreement to Pay form is not required. 

All other permits must be filled out and emailed to the Environmental Health Departments at env.health@co.nevada.ca.us