Mosquito Larvicide Program

Information on the County's Use of Mosquito Treatment Products

The County's Agricultural and Environmental Health Departments have an active mosquito treatment program and provide information to the public. Nevada County currently does not have a mosquito abatement district.

Where appropriate, the mosquito treatment program does include applying larvicides to stagnant or abandoned water sources. A larvicide program is generally the best and most economical strategy to prevent the emergence of adult mosquitoes. Oils and adulticide fogs are used in very controlled and limited applications. 

Our mosquito control personnel will visit your property if you fill out a Citizen Service Request Form online, or call (530) 265-1500 and leave a detailed message.

Mosquito Control Products

For Altosid XR Briquets

For Altosid Pellets

For VectoBac G Biological Larvicide