Cleaning Your Property

Before you Start

Please make sure to contact your insurance company and agent before starting to clean your property. Moving debris before talking to your insurance may result affect your insurance claim.

All persons accessing burned structures should be aware of the hazards associated with those sites. Cleanup efforts may expose you to ash, soot, and fire decomposition products that may cause irritation and other health effects. More information on the Heath Effects from Home and Building Ash can be found in Environmental Health's Press Release.

Hazardous Debris Removal

The California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSD) is has assessed and completed removal of any hazardous waste on properties as a result of the Lobo and McCourtney fires.

State Debris Removal Process

Nevada County Environmental Health is coordinating assistance with the clean-up of lost or damaged properties. In order to provide this assistance, a Right of Entry (ROE) Form must be completed and signed by the property owner.

CalRecycle is removing the remaining debris and ash from affected properties. Clean-up will start November 13th, and any Right of Entry (ROE) forms need to be submitted to Nevada County Environmental Health by November 9th. 

The California Southern Baptist Convention is also helping to remove the remaining debris and ash and can also help property owners located important family items such as rings during the debris and ash clean-up.

CalOES on Right of Entry (ROE) forms