Building Bridges: Plan to Address Homelessness

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On January 9th, 2018, the Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency Director Michael Heggarty and Housing Resources Manager Brendan Phillips presented a plan to address homelessness in Nevada County, including short term and long term agency goals, budget needs, and anticipated funding sources. The plan focuses on a Housing First approach to homelessness and includes both short term and long term goals in the areas of coordinating services, housing, and establishing a homeless services day center.

The Plan

The Health and Human Services Agency plan to address homeless focuses on 3 major areas, with both short (2018) and long term (2019 - 2020) goals for each focus:

  1. Coordination of Services: organize a multidisiplinary team including various homeless services providers and stakeholders to address housing and service solutions for the most vulnerable individuals in our community.
  2. Housing: create "Housing First" units, with low barriers to placement in permanent supportive housing.
  3. Homeless Services Day Center: open a navigation center for individuals experiencing homelessness to obtain services during the day, including classes and access to County resources.

Short Term-Long Term Homeless Plan Goals

2018 Proposed Timeline

Below is the proposed 2018 timeline for meeting the short term goals outlined in the plan to address homelessness. These dates are subject to change depending on various factors such as contract negotiations, site selection, and grant application outcomes.

2018 Homeless Plan Timeline