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Accessible Vote-by-Mail Ballot

A digital vote-by-mail ballot can be sent to you directly by email. You may mark the ballot on a computer and then print it, or mark it after it has been printed.

The ballot will then need to be returned by mail or in person to the Nevada County Elections Office.

You can request one here Version OptionsAccessible VotingHeadline.

Accessible Voting at Vote Centers

Every vote center is surveyed to confirm ADA compliance.

Each vote center has electronic voting systems with large print options and audio options in English or Spanish that read the ballot to you. Each of these units can  accommodate the use of Tactile Switches and Sip and Puff devices.

Video walkthrough of the voting system

Voting system information

Magnifying tools are freely available on tables.

If you need any other assistance with voting, vote center staff will be available upon request to read or help mark ballots.

Curbside Voting 

You may vote on a paper or an electronic ballot from a nearby accessible location, including a car. A vote center worker will qualify you to vote and return the voted ballot to the vote center.

To request curbside voting assistance, you may:

  • Call in advance to coordinate a time and place
  • Have an assistant make the request inside the vote center
  • Ring the bell outside of a vote center to inform staff that you would like assistance 

How to Request Assistance 

To request any assistance with voting please contact our office: