Maybert Bridge at Canyon Creek Replacement

Project Description

The proposed project is located in central Nevada County, approximately three miles east of the unincorporated community of Washington. The bridge is situated on Maybert Road and spans Canyon Creek approximately 250 feet upstream of the South Fork of the Yuba River. The Maybert Road Bridge is a 10-foot wide, one-lane, wood and steel truss structure that spans approximately 60 feet.

The bridge was constructed in 1915 and is classified by Caltrans as Structurally Deficient. With a score of 5 out of 100, the bridge also ranks as the worst-rated bridge in the county and the 14th worst bridge in the state (out of 14,225 public bridges). As a result, the bridge is currently load-restricted at 3 tons, which prohibits oversized vehicles (include fire apparatuses) from using the bridge to access thousands of acres of forest land to the east.

The County has plans to replace the bridge with a single-lane bridge capable of supporting oversized vehicles. The new bridge replacement structure will be a single-span, 20-foot wide, prefabricated truss structure spanning approximately 80 feet. The new bridge will be constructed on the same alignment as the existing bridge, with the new west abutment set back approximately 4 feet from the existing west abutment, and the new east abutment set back approximately 13 feet from the existing east abutment. The replacement of the bridge will be constructed in a manner that does not result in encroachment into Canyon Creek. The new bridge will not require any structural support within the live channel; the foundations for the proposed bridge structure will be either fastened to, or embedded into the bedrock in a manner that will provide sufficient resistance during high flow events. Staging and equipment storage will occur along Maybert Road.

Project construction will require temporary closure of Maybert Road from the current bridge location to the east. The closure is expected to occur over a three-month period beginning in June 2016 and extending through October 2016. All access to parcels and uses located to the east will be temporarily closed.

The existing bridge will be dismantled and its elements will be stored for possible re-use elsewhere. The existing abutments will be left in place. The majority of the work will be constructed within existing County right-of-way but small right-of-way takes will be required in the vicinity of the bridge crossing. Temporary construction easements will also be required in a few locations.


  • Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP), Measure F, and State Exchange

Total Budget

  • $1,419,602

Current Status

  • Currently in the preliminary engineering and right-of-way acquisition phase. Construction scheduled 2016.


  • Adopted IS/MND on August 14, 2012 (IS/MND - Resolution 12-355)

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