Septic System

  1. New Septic System
  2. Existing Septic System

Once you have completed the OSSE you will continue to work with a licensed professional to apply for an On-Site Wastewater System. A Septic System Contractor must possess a State of California Contractor’s license (Type A, B, C-36 or C-42) to construct, enlarge, alter, repair improve or replace an individual system.

Please keep in mind that the licensed professional will work with you to install the system but they may have you apply for the permit. See "How to Apply for a Septic Permit" below. 

The following setbacks are for any structures to the septic system:

  • From Septic Tank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . .  5 ft
  • From Leach field and Leach field Repair Area . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   8 ft
  • From High Water Mark of Ponds, Steams, Rivers, ect.. . . . . . . . 100 ft
  • From Wells, Including Those on Neighboring Parcels . . . . . . . .  100 ft

For property line setbacks, please contact the Nevada County Planning Department or your local jurisdiction Planning Department. 

Septic Variance

If you wish to apply for a Septic Variance Request, please look through the Procedures for Applying for a Septic Variance prior to submitting the request. Necessary forms and fees can be found below.

Standard System Designs

Serial Crossover Detail - Standary Septic


  • Option 1: Apply Online(The following is required to apply online: Professionals Contact Information, Site Plan showing proposed work, Septic Design Report for non-standard and treatment systems, Soils Evaluation Report, Agreement to Pay form.) Paying your fees is the last step of your online submittal, a link is provided that will take you to a 3rd party, Lexis Nexis. You will need the balance due and permit number to make your payment. NOTE: Septic Permits cannot be applied for online as Owner/Builder                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Option 2: Apply in-house at Nevada County Eric Rood Center; 950 Maidu Ave., Ste 170 - 1st Flr; Community Development Agency. (The following is required to apply in-house: Agreement to Pay form, 2 copies of Site Plan showing proposed work, 2 copies of Septic Design Report for non-standard and treatment systems, 2 copies of Soils Evaluation Report, payment made with check/cash/credit card/money order payment).    


OSSE Application
Includes Application Fee, Review and Approval
Standard Septic System Permit - Gravity Flow $593.07
Non-Standard Septic System Permit
Pressure Dose, Pumped, Deep Trench, Curtain Drain, Engineered, Hi-Line, Capped
Non-Standard Septic System Permit with M & M
Sand Filter, Geoflow, Drip, Mound, Advantax, Hoot, ELGEN
Maintenance and Monitoring Annual Permit $97.86
Septic System Modification $593.07
Septic Tank Replacement Only $397.35
Septic Repair Permit $397.35
Septic Abandonment $201.63
Septic Variance Request $391.44