Newtown Road Class II Bike Lanes Project

Project Description

Newtown Road is a narrow two-lane rural roadway with no shoulders for most of its length. In addition, there are numerous turns with limited site distance. The accident rate for this road is higher than the county average, and this road gets significant bicycle usage. Through a connection via Old Downieville Road along State Highway 49, many bicycle riders on Newtown have origins or destinations in Nevada City. The Project will address roadway safety by widening shoulders to provide Class II bike lanes to enhance bicycle safety, improve site distance and visibility, and improve roadway drainage. The project will provide 4-foot paved shoulders on Newtown Road between State Highway 49 and Beckville Road. This project will be constructed largely within the existing road prism, and no structures will be affected. The project will include minor cuts and fills. Minor right-of-way acquisitions along the road frontage are anticipated.


  • State Exchange and Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) funding

Total Budget

  • $1,680,000

Current Status

  • Currently in the preliminary engineering and right-of-way acquisition phase. Construction scheduled 2016.


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