Filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement

Filing Fee



Applications for Fictitious Business Name Statements (PDF) are available here or at the Nevada County Recorders Office. If submitting your form and paying fees at the office, note that we accept cash, checks or credit card with additional fee $2.45.


You can get these forms online:
Once the Application is printed, completed, signed and mail with appropriate fees (See fee schedule) to:
Nevada County Recorder
950 Maidu Avenue
Suite 210
Nevada City, California 95959


Three Certified copies will be returned once the Fictitious Business Name Statement is filed. All new Fictitious Business Names Statements and/or ones with changes from past filing will be required to:
  • Publish the Fictitious Business Names Statement in a newspaper of general circulation, once a week for four consecutive weeks, with the first publication occurring within 30 days of the filing date.
  • Newspapers have cut off dates, so you will want to deliver your Fictitious Business Name Statement to the newspaper as soon as possible or call them to verify what their cut off date is. If you do not begin publication within 30 days of the filing date, a new Fictitious Business Names Statement must be filed and published.
  • The Fictitious Business Name Statement will expire 5 years from the date of filing. We send out a 60 day notice letter that your Fictitious Business Name Statement is going to expire; however, if you do not receive the notice it is still up to you to know when to renew the Fictitious Business Name Statement.
  • If you renew your Fictitious Business Name Statement prior to expiration, and all the information is the same, you will not have to publish the renewal.

Additional Information