Retrac Bridge Replacement Project

Project Description

The Nevada County Department of Public Works has scheduled the Retrac Way Bridge at Wolf Creek for replacement. The bridge is located 1.2 miles east of Lime Kiln Road. The existing 1930s-era wood deck bridge has deteriorated badly over the years and is in very poor condition.

Environmental clearances and right-of-way acquisitions have been completed, known utilities have been relocated, the project design has been completed and construction activities for the new bridge are scheduled to begin on April 3, 2017.

The new bridge will be on approximately the same alignment as the existing bridge and will be elevated 2 - 3 feet above the existing grade to accommodate 100-year flood events.

Retrac Way is expected to be open for the majority of the construction. A bypass route immediately downstream of the existing bridge will be constructed for use during construction to maintain through-traffic. Road closures if any will be of short duration and will follow requirements of a traffic control plan.

Bridgeway Constructors was awarded a contract to construct the new bridge for approximately $1,500,000. The bridge is scheduled to be completed by July 4, 2018.


  • Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP) and State Exchange Funds

Total Project Budget

  • $2,178,025

Current Status

  • Going to construction in April 2017.


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