Nevada County Highway Bridge Program (HBP) Project


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Office of Structure Investigations is responsible for performing bridge inspections in accordance with federal regulations on approximately 12,000 bridges owned by local government agencies, and making structure work repair recommendations, determining the safe load capacity, etc. Caltrans inspects approximately 43 bridges in unincorporated Nevada County. After review of bridge inspection reports, eight bridges have been identified as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, meeting the criteria for either replacement or repair under the Local Highway Bridge Program (HBP). The purpose of the HBP is to replace and rehabilitate public highway bridges that the State and Federal Highway Administration determine to be unsafe due to structural deficiencies, physical deterioration or functional obsolescence.

The County applied for HBP funding to replace or rehabilitate these structures. All eight bridge projects received funding approval for Preliminary Engineering (PE). All project sites are located in rural areas, on roads functionally classified as Local, Rural Minor Collector, or Rural Major Collector. The most recent bridge reports identify seven of the bridges as eligible for replacement or rehabilitation;
  • 17C-0010 - South Yuba River at Soda Springs Road Bridge - Replacement Project
  • 17C-0031 - Bear River at Dog Bar Road Bridge - Replacement Project
  • 17C-0051 - Soda Springs at Donner Pass Road Bridge - Replacement Project
  • 17C-0060 - Shady Creek at Purdon Road Bridge - Replacement Project
  • 17C-0068 - Little Wolf Creek at Garden Bar Road Bridge - Replacement Project
  • 17C-0074 - Little Wolf Creek at Garden Bar Road II, Bridge - Rehabilitation Project
  • 17C-0086 - Rock Creek at McCourtney Road Bridge - Replacement Project
The eighth bridge, Bridge No.17C-0006 at the South Yuba River at North Bloomfield Road, is a historic structure with a large span over the South Yuba River and is a popular recreation area. The County is interested in a preliminary design alternative analysis for this bridge to determine the feasibility and costs associated with rehabilitation versus replacement.

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