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"Love The Yuba Like a Local" River Safety

Please continue to practice safe social distancing while following all local, state and federal orders. Remember to always observe all river safety recommendations. Especially during these unprecedented times, personal responsibility impacts more than just one person. Keep safe at the river and reduce community exposure to COVID-19 and unnecessary strain on medical resources and first responders. Visit this link for an important reminder from SYRCL - The South Yuba River Citizens League and the Yuba River Safety Cohort..

River safety is your responsibility. An average of 5 lives are lost each year on the South Yuba River due to high, fast, cold water. Please our enjoy our beautiful trails and beaches, but during high flows...stay out and stay alive!

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  • Do not stand in moving water.
  • If pulled downriver, lie on back, tuck arms, and point feet downstream.
  • Always LOOK first! the river is constantly changing.
  • Scout safe routes.
  • Drinking alcohol and swimming don’t mix and never bring glass bottles to the area. 
  • Wear a life jacket for all river activities.
  • Watch children and pets at all times.
  • Stay out of the water during high flows.
  • No fires allowed in the river canyon. 
  • No cell service in river canyon.
  • Obey all parking signs. Fines now: $162

Please download this .pdf poster to print and share with guests and locals. County of Nevada and our partners want everyone to have a safe and fun time on the beautiful South Yuba River and surrounding areas.


Watch This Water Safety PSA from Nevada County Consolidated Fire District

Click here to view and share this important information from the river rescue experts Watch This Water Safety PSA from Nevada County Consolidated Fire District Watch This Water Safety PSA from Nevada County Consolidated Fire District Watch This Water Safety PSA from Nevada County Consolidated Fire District

Please be Aware:

IMG_4474Many areas do not have mobile phone service. Be aware of your service limitations.

  • Mapping applications are not always correct. Know where you are going and how to leave safely in an emergency.
  • Please obey all posted signs.
  • Never block road access.
  • Observe Red Flag Warning days and never light a fire during those times.
  • Inspect your vehicle for dragging hazards that may spark a fire.
  • Never light a campfire in an unauthorized area. If you are not sure, don’t.
  • Your vehicle will be ticketed or towed if you are illegally parked and are blocking routes for potential emergency response.

IMG_4499Camping & Recreation

If you are planning a visit to Nevada County or hosting guests, be sure to learn about specific ways to prepare for both fun and safety. From the beauty of the river valleys to the tall pines and our charming historic towns, there are so many ways to enjoy this area. Keeping our environment and guests safe is a top priority for locals, please do your part to protect our home. 

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