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Blackstone Publishing has embargoed eAudiobook titles from purchase by public libraries for 90 days after their release date. Nevada County Community Library boycott of Blackstone Publishing’s eAudiobooks is in response to this prohibition on library purchases.  Nevada County Community Library’s boycott of Blackstone’s new eAudiobook titles begins November 1, 2019 and will run through April 30, 2020.

Macmillan Publishers launched a library eBook embargo; its new digital content terms for libraries will allow libraries to purchase a single perpetual-access eBook copy of each new Macmillan title for the first eight weeks after a book’s release. After eight weeks, libraries can then license additional copies for $60 per copy for a term of two years or 52 lends, whichever comes first. Nevada County Community Library finds these terms unacceptable and is boycotting the purchase of new Macmillan eBooks for six months.  This boycott is effective November 1, 2019 and will run through April 30, 2020.

Why are we taking this action?

Blackstone and Macmillan are preventing public libraries from purchasing new eAudiobooks and eBooks when they are released, thereby creating barriers to access for patrons. The publishers’ justification for this action is that they lose sales to libraries as customers forego buying and borrow instead. However, studies suggest that libraries are an essential part of the publishing ecosystem that promotes books, reading, and learning.

One study compiled by the Panorama Project showed that 50% of all library users report purchasing books by an author they were introduced to in the library. Patrons “try-out” books at the library and then go back and purchase their favorites for their personal libraries and as gifts.

What do we want to accomplish?

Through collective impact with support from the library community, we are seeking the following outcomes:

  • Blackstone Publishing will stop its embargo of new release eAudiobooks.
  • Macmillan Publishers will stop its embargo of new eBooks.
  • Other publishers will rethink the premise that libraries will continue to do business with them regardless of the barriers publishers implement.

How will this impact patrons?

Nevada County Community Library has made our patrons aware of the boycott by sharing information with our traditional media channels, and on our website and social media platforms.

We believe that the boycott is a necessary step to counter increasing costs and limitations on the part of publishers.

We will continue to purchase Blackstone and Macmillan products in other formats that are not impacted by the embargoes.

We will continue to add new eBook and eAudiobook content to our digital collection, choosing items from other publishers.

Previously-published Macmillan eBooks and Blackstone eAudiobooks already in the digital collection will not be affected.

You can help!

Nevada County Community Library encourages you to stand with us and work toward a more just outcome for the greater reading community.