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Updated June 15th:

The Community Development Agency (CDA) is open for walk-ins and limited appointments Monday through Friday 8 to 3:30pm. Book an appointment online for Public Works and Building. The system does not allow same-day appointments.

For Environmental Health, Agriculture, Code, Cannabis, Planning, please call at 530-265-1222 and follow the options (below) to book an appointment. If you have any additional questions or prefer to book by phone, please give us a call. 

General Information: (530) 265-1222, Option 0

Agricultural Commissioner: (530) 265-1222, Option 7

Building Department: (530) 265-1222, Option 1 or Book Online

Cannabis Compliance: (530) 265-1222, Option 8

Code Compliance: (530) 265-1222, Option 4

Environmental Health: (530) 265-1222, Option 3

Planning Department: (530) 265-1222, Option 2

Public Works: (530) 265-1222, Option 5 or Book Online