What is Link+?

​Link+  is a free service you can use to borrow materials that the Nevada County Community Library does NOT have available. Link+ is a cooperative resource sharing effort between over 60 California libraries, both public and academic. You can use your Nevada County Community Library card to place a hold in the Link+ catalog on a title owned by any member library. 

Click on the image below to begin a Link+ search. 

Link+ Search

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How do I Use Link+?

​To Access Link+ catalog, click on the Link+ catalog link on the Catalog page of the Nevada County Community Library website or click on the "Search Link+" tab on the left side of the Library's catalog under New Titles. 
  • Locate your item in the Link+ catalog and click on Request It. 
  • At the "With which library are you affiliated?" message, select Nevada County Community Library from the drop down menu.
  • At the Request Verification screen, type in your Name, Library card number and PIN and select your hold Pickup Locationfrom the pull down menu.
  • Click Submit to place your hold. 
If there is a copy available to fill your hold, the title will be sent from the owning library for pickup at your local library. If you attempt to place a hold on a title that is not available, you will receive a "Sorry, no copies available for requests" message. 

Can Anyone Use Link+?

All Nevada County Community Library patrons with current library cards in good standing can use the Link+ service. If you have account issues, you will need to address them before you can use the Link+ service by calling or visiting any Nevada County Community Library branch. 

I Just Got a New Library Card Can I Use Link+?

New or existing patrons who change their library card number should wait until the next day to use Link+ to make sure those changes are communicated to Link+. 

How Much Does Link+ Cost?

Link+ is a free service, if you return your material on time. Fines and fees policies are established by the Link+ consortium. All member libraries must follow the same policies. 

How Long Will It Take to Receive Link+ Requests?

Items usually arrive within 7-10 business days.

What Can I Request from Link+?

You can request books, music, DVDs, books on CD, etc. from Link+ 

Patrons can only place holds on titles that are not available in the Nevada County online catalog. If you try to place a Link+ hold on a title that is available in the local catalog, you will receive the following message, "You cannot use Link+ to request items that are available at your institution."

The item must be listed as "Available" in the Link+ catalog to be requested. If you attempt to place a hold on a title that is not available, you will receive a "Sorry, no copies available for requests" message. If you receive this message, you will need to wait until a copy is available to place your hold. 

How Many Link+ Items Can I have on Hold and Checked Out at One Time?

You may have a total of 15 holds in process at any given time, which includes Link+ or Nevada County Community Library items. 

How Do I Know My Item Is Ready and How Long Will the Library Hold It for Me?

The Link+ hold notification process works just like it does with other library materials you have on hold. If you currently receive an email, paper or text notice when your hold is available for pick up, you will receive the same type of notice for your Link+ hold. As with all other holds, the library will hold the Link+ item(s) for 10 days. If not picked up by then, the item(s) will be returned to the lending library.

How Do I Pick Up My Link+ Item and Where Can I Return It?

Link+ items are held at the Circulation Desk of the library you selected as a pickup location. A staff member will check out the Link+ item for you. Link+ items checked out at a Nevada County Community Library can be returned to any Nevada County branch. Link+ items can also be returned in the book drop. 

How Can I Cancel or Check the Status of My Link+ Hold?

You may cancel or check the status of your Link+ hold by calling 1-866-57-ASKUS or visiting any Nevada County Community library. Note: If the hold is In Transit or Received, the hold may not be cancelled. 

How Long Can I Borrow a Link+ Item and How Many Times Can I Renew?

The loan period for books is 21 days with one possible renewal (for an additional 21). DVDs have a 7-day loan period. These DVDs are not renewable. 
You can renew items by calling or by bringing your Link+ item to the Circulation Desk at any Nevada County Community Library. 
Renewals in the Link+ system can only be done within a short window of time near the due date (3 days before the due date through 2 days after the due date). The renewal process may take up to 15 minutes to process while the Link+ system checks with the lending library to make sure the item is currently available to renew. If the item is on hold at the lending library, the renewal will be denied, and you will need to return the Link+ item on the original due date.