Retail Food Facilities & Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions in Food Facilities

Please visit the Business Resource Page for the most up-to-date information on California's COVID-19 safety mandates specific to Nevada County businesses, restaurants, bars, and wineries.

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  2. Bars/Wineries

The state requires that all businesses have a plan in place before opening. County templates provide additional tools to help businesses complete their COVID-19 prevention plans that are required by the State, but are not required to complete or use.

Requirements for Reopening in the Food Industry

State Guidance

Restaurant Reopening Plan and Checklist: A fillable checklist to help plan reopening

Best Practices for Restaurants: Best practices from the FDA to help maintain a safe environment for employers and customers

Signage for Businesses

Restaurants with Notice of Violations for State Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Mandates

Nevada County Environmental Health delivered a Notice of Violation to local food facilities who refused to come into compliance with State COVID-19 mandates, risking the health and safety of both their employees and customers. A Notice of Violation effectively revokes the food permit for the following food facilities:

  • Calla Lily Crepes, Nevada City (NOV served 8/7/20)

Nevada County Environmental Health has made educational visits to most of Nevada County's 350 restaurants since the State's most recent mandates eliminating indoor dining. The majority of Nevada County restaurants have been in compliance for the public's health and safety. Nevada County's goal is that education will achieve compliance long before needing to take further action such as revoking a facility's food permit. However, Nevada County is committed to keeping our community healthy and enforcing the recommended precautions to keep our businesses open under the State mandates. Everyone’s actions and behavior makes a difference, and will, to a great extent, determine our case rate, threats to vulnerable populations, and whether or not our economy can stay open.

Less than 5 restaurants have been unwilling to come into compliance after multiple outreach efforts to assist them to come into compliance. If a food facility continues to operate when their food permit has been revoked, they will incur daily fines, beginning with $25, and not to exceed $1000/day. 

The following restaurants that were initially served Notice of Violations (NOV) have ceased indoor operations, made COVID-19 business plans and reopened:

  • Friar Tucks, Nevada City (NOV served 7/21/20, in-compliance beginning 7/30/20)
  • Old Town Cafe, Grass Valley (NOV served 7/21/20, in-compliance beginning 7/30/20)
  • Sergio's, Grass Valley (NOV served 7/21/20, in-compliance beginning 7/30/20)