Madelyn Helling Library Display Cases

There are two display cases at the Madelyn Helling Library.

Display Information

  • Submit a Display Case Request Form and Waiver to Madelyn Helling Library.
  • The use of a display case runs for one month beginning on the first business day and ending on the last business day.
  • Reservation requests will be reviewed prior to acceptance to accommodate all groups and are handled on a first come first serve basis.
  • Two groups per month will be selected.
  • Reservations are normally confirmed no more than three months in advance.

Guidelines for Exhibitors

  • There are two cabinets located in the main lobby. Each case measures 46" wide, 52" high and is approximately 15" deep. Both have adjustable wooden shelves that are about 10" deep.
  • The Library reserves the right to accept or deny requests for displays.
  • Only one side will be reserved per non-profit group per month in a calendar year.
  • A release of responsibility is required of all exhibitors. It is suggested that you list items displayed on a separate piece of paper and attach it with the waiver.
  • The Library does not carry insurance for items displayed and a release of liability waiver will be mailed to selected groups. Groups must complete waiver within 30 days or the opportunity moves to another group.
  • Exhibit items are displayed for one month with set up and tear down taking place during business hours on the first and last weekday of the month reserved. Please allow enough time for prep work during business hours.
  • Exhibitors will bring their own supplies (e.g. push pins, tape, scissors). Staff and supplies are not available for decorating assistance.
  • If publicity is planned, please submit a proposed copy of the artwork, script, etc. for review by Administration to ensure that information is accurate.
  • Call 530-265-1407 to arrange a date and time to set up and take down your display during public library hours.
  • There are shelves available for use in the display cases. Please deliver any unused shelves to the Department Administrator. Agreements will be mailed out annually to selected groups. Groups need submit their interest annually.
  • To the best of our ability, specific month requests will be given to groups whose purpose or function coincides with a significant month's celebration or event on a rotating schedule as long as it does not conflict with Library displays.
  • For more information email us or call 530-265-1407.