Youth and Adult Recreational Sports

On March 5, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released updated state guidance for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports, which is effective immediately. This new guidance replaced guidance released on February 19 and applies to all organized youth sports — including school- and community-sponsored programs, and privately-organized clubs and leagues — and adult recreational sports. Please review the update guidance, as it makes changes to previous versions of the guidance on youth and adult recreational sports.

Multi-team Competitions and Events

One change in the update guidance is the requirement that teams receive an exception and authorization from the Nevada County Public Health Department for any tournaments, competitions or events involving more than two teams. Here are the details:

  • Exceptions and authorization must be requested for both multi-team competitions and events taking place in Nevada County and the participation of Nevada County teams in multi-team competitions and events in other counties
  • All participating teams in a multi-team competitions must be from Nevada County or a county that borders Nevada County (Placer County, Yuba County, Sierra County) in order to be considered for exception and authorization
  • Multi-team competitions are limited to sports where multiple teams are routine, such as track and field; cross-country; golf; skiing/snowboarding; tennis; swimming/diving/surfing; biking; and equestrian events. 

Per the guidance:

"No tournaments or events that involve more than two teams to occur. Exceptions may be made, with authorization from the local health department where the event is being held and each of the local health departments where teams originate from, for sports where individual competitors from multiple teams are routine such as: track and field; cross-country; golf; skiing/snowboarding; tennis; swimming/diving/surfing; biking and equestrian events."

How to Request a Multi-team Competition Exception and Authorization

An exception and authorization to participate in multi-team competitions can be made by filling out the Nevada County Multi-Team Form and emailing it to with "SPORTS" as the subject line. Please provide a minimum of 5 business days for turnaround on requests.

Additional Information on Testing for Youth Sports

The California Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing Task Force has made resources available to support public school youth sports teams in meeting testing requirements included in the most recent guidance. Please visit the California Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing Task Force's School Testing webpage (and scroll down to the youth sports FAQ) and review this flyer for details.