Library Cards

Temporary (30 day) library card available. Can be used for a selection of digital resources. 

Click here to sign up     (remember to write down temporary login information: PACREG_____

A physical library card with access to all materials will be mailed with instructions on how to activate within 30 days of temporary card issuance.

Click here to watch a short how-to video Click here to sign up    (remember to write down temporary login information: PACREG_____ Click here to sign up     (remember to write down temporary login information: PACREG_____ of how to register for a temporary card and access a digital resource.

Note: In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection act, you must be 13 or older in order to complete the library card registration. 

(Bring in your CA picture ID or picture ID with a piece of local registered mail to change your status from temporary to resident when the library re-opens for access to all the library has to offer)

Digital resources available with temporary cards as follows. 

Patrons, whether resident or non-resident of Nevada County, are eligible for a free library card. Library cards expire every 3 years and are subject to the following conditions.
  1. Age Requirements
  2. Proof of Residency
  3. Borrower Type Limits
  4. Proof of Address/Borrower Type
  5. Check Out/ Replacement


Children must be 5 to 17 years of age. Minors must have the application signed by a parent or legal guardian with a California driver’s license or California ID card. This person should be aware that they are financially responsible until the child is 18.


Adults are 18 and older. When a child turns 18, he or she needs to complete a new form and his or her record is to be updated. In this instance, a replacement card may be issued at no charge.