Wrap Around Treatment

About Wrap Around Treatments

Nevada County Behavioral Health offers Wraparound to children and youth with serious emotional and behavioral problems and are at risk of not being able to continue to live with their families. Wraparound is done with a team of Behavioral Health professionals and individuals who are relevant to the well-being of the child or youth (e.g., family members or other natural supports).
Multi-generations of family walking together in field all wearing white shirts
The team collaboratively develops an individualized plan of care, implements this plan, and evaluates success over time. Services are provided in the family home, the child's school or in the community.

The Wraparound plan typically includes formal services and interventions, together with community services and interpersonal support and assistance provided by friends, family and other people drawn from the family's social networks. The Wraparound process, and the plan itself is designed to be culturally competent, strength based and organized around the family members' own perceptions of needs, goals and likelihood of success of specific strategies.

Plan Success

The team convenes frequently to measure the plan's components and relevant indicators of success. Plan components and strategies are revised when outcomes are not being achieved. Treatment typically last for 18 months. Nevada County has a Wraparound Treatment provider, Victor Community Support Services.

Support Services

Some of the key types of community and system supports include:
  • Intensive psychotherapy sessions provided by a professional therapist. These services are provided to the child and the family in a non-clinical, community setting such as the home, school or other community setting.
  • A Behavioral Specialist who is trained in behavior strategies. The consultant works with the family, school, and others to develop a behavioral modification plan specific to each child.
  • Parent Partner, someone with lived experience of having a loved one with mental illness who supports the parent.