Projects Scheduled for Public Meeting

The Nevada County Planning Department processes all types of discretionary land use permits; from large commercial developments to small residential subdivisions and variances. Additionally, the Planning Department also prepares various Zoning Ordinance and General Plan Text Amendments and Recreation Planning projects, such as commercial rafting permits on the Truckee River. In order for these projects to be approved they must be considered at a public hearing by the County Zoning AdministratorPlanning Commission and sometimes the Board of Supervisors. For specific information on larger projects, including the project planner contact information and supporting documents, look for the project's name under the "News and Events" header on the Planning Department homepage. The links below provide supporting documents, such as staff reports and conditions of approval, for discretionary projects that are scheduled for a public hearing in the immediate future. Please note that this does not include administrative projects such as lot line adjustments and home occupations permits.

September 2019

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  1. Sun Sep. 22

    Parks and Recreation Roundtable Meeting
    The County and EPS wish to hear your thoughts abou...
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  1. Thu Oct. 3

    Nevada County District 1 & NID District I Joint Town Hall Meeting
    Nevada County District I Supervisor Heidi Hall and...
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Projects Scheduled for Public Meeting


 14, 2019 Zoning Administrator - Board of Supervisors Chambers

August 22, 2019 Planning Commission - Truckee Town Hall
August 28, 2019 Zoning Administrator - Truckee Town Hall