Committed Programs

What We Do​

Nevada County's Committed Programs encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent youth access to alcohol.​ There are three components of the overall Committed program: Athlete Committed, Parent Committed, and Merchant Committed.

​Athlete Committed

The Athlete Committed Program is designed to optimize athletic performance, health, and wellness by educating coaches and athletes on the impact of nutrition, sleep, character, stress, and chemical health. Athlete Committed has been adapted from the Life of an Athlete Program developed by John Underwood. Life of an Athlete has been utilized in 39 states, and more than 600 NCAA institutions, the United States Olympic Committee, and Sport Canada.

Our Athlete Committed program is at three local high schools: Nevada Union High School, Bear River High School, and Truckee High School.

Parent Committed

The Parent Committed campaign is about providing support to parents and families with teenagers. This campaign urges parents to renew their commitment as a parent and support their child through their journey into adulthood–when they are discovering and defining who they are.

Parent Committed is defined by the commitment to Notice, Choose, ​Act​. If you, as a Nevada County parent, would like to become a parent committed, please complete this Parent Pledge.

Merchant Committed

Friday Night Live and Club Live Programs have partnered with the Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County to develop and implement Merchant Committed Education Program for off-sale and on-sale alcoholic beverage retailers (markets, stores, gas stations, bars, restaurants, especial event venues). The goal of this program is to reduce underage drinking and youth access to alcohol by increasing alcoholic beverage establishment compliance.