Vote By Mail

Vote By Mail Information

An alternative to voting at a polling location on Election Day is to receive your ballot in the mail weeks before the election. This alternative is beneficial to voters with busy work schedules, disabilities, or to those who want to vote at their own pace. Voting by mail is safe, secure and completely acceptable. We encourage you to try this alternative.

Vote By Mail Application

If you would like to become a vote by mail voter for every election you can:
  • Register to vote online and select "Yes" in the "Vote by Mail in All Elections" section.
  • Print this form (PDF), fill it out, check the box to become a Permanent Vote by Mail voter, sign it and mail it to Nevada County Elections
If you would like a one time Vote by Mail ballot you can print this form (PDF), fill it out, sign it and mail it to Nevada County Elections.

How To Return Your Ballot

You will receive your official ballot in the mail about two to four weeks before the election. There will be an official envelope enclosed that you need to sign in order for your ballot to be counted. There are a few options for returning your ballot:
  • Mail your ballot to our office. The ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received within 3 days of the Election to be considered timely. Please note that we recommend mailing your ballot no later than the Friday before Election Day to ensure that your ballot is counted.
  • Drop your ballot off at our secure drop-off box located in front of the Nevada County Government Building (Eric Rood Administrative Center).
  • Drop your ballot off at Truckee Town Hall.
  • Drop your ballot off at any polling place on Election Day.

Missing Signature On Ballot Envelope

In order for a vote by mail ballot to be counted, the ballot envelope must be signed by the voter or our office must receive an Unsigned Ballot Statement submitted by the voter. ‚ÄčIf our office receives an unsigned ballot envelope we will contact the voter via phone or mail as soon as possible. The voter's ballot can be counted if the voter does any of the following:
  • Signs the ballot envelope at our office during regular business hours before 5 p.m. on the eighth day after the election.
  • Completes an Unsigned Ballot Statement and submits it to our office before 5 p.m. on the eighth day after the election.
  • Completes an Unsigned Ballot Statement‚Äč and submits it to any polling place or official ballot drop-off box before 8 p.m. on Election Day.