Mistakes & Damaged or Lost Ballots

Damaged Or Lost Ballots

If you lose, damage or make a mistake on your ballot, please contact our office by phone at 530-265-1298, so that we can issue you a replacement ballot.

If it is too close to Election Day to issue you a new Vote by Mail ballot, you can do one of the following:
  • Go to the Elections Office to get a new ballot or vote in person, either electronically or with a paper ballot.
  • Go to Truckee Town Hall to vote electronically.
  • Go to your polling place on Election Day and vote. Note: If you cannot surrender your Vote by Mail ballot you will need to vote provisionally.

Mistakes on Ballots

If you have made a simple mistake on your ballot or would like to choose a different candidate/option on a contest, you do not need a new ballot. Simply make it obvious as to what your vote is and it will be counted accordingly.