Digitales Digital Storytelling

“Digitales” Digital Storytelling Project

Public Health's prevention social worker offers high school or middle school based groups or one-on-one sessions where teens record personal stories as bridges into teen social issue topics, transforming them into their choice of either a video or photo voicing narrative piece. Within the group structure youth will use a story “circle”, a facilitated supportive storytelling structure allowing teens to craft thoughtful narratives about their experiences. After learning story elements, writing, editing and story boarding students will move into interviewing and film-making skills.


Goals of the project include:
  • Confidence building
  • Literacy and creative writing skills
  • Leadership and collaboration skills
  • Culminating in youth produced advocacy tools to share with peers


This program is offered through Friday Night Live and Nevada County Public Health Department’s Adolescent Health Programs. It will meet after school or during school if this meets the schools needs. We will provide an editing laptop using Sony Vegas or Final Cut Pro. Students may use their own video cam, flip or any still camera.

This project is also being offered as a one-on-one option for students who prefer that approach, or who may wish to use this as a senior project opportunity. Mentoring for senior projects is also available.

About the Facilitator

Facilitator Jen Winders, MSW, CYKF is a clinical social work intern (ASW 27343) and teen social worker through Nevada County Public Health’s Health and Wellness prevention department. She has produced / edited nature documentaries and is trained in expressive arts work with youth. She is trained through the Center for Digital Storytelling model.


Watch some of our local teen's Digitales projects!