Nutrition Education

WICHealth is a great choice for doing your WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) education on the web. It's easy and fun! Here's what you'll need to do:
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  1. Have your WIC identification folder on hand
  2. Go to the WICHealth website
  3. Create an account, set up your profile, then log in. You'll need to create a user name and password-be sure to keep these somewhere safe as you'll need them anytime you come back to the site.
  4. Select the lesson you'd like to take
  5. When you are done, complete the survey and choose how you'd like to receive your vouchers, either mailed to your home or picked up at the WIC office.
  6. Print or email your "certificate of completion"
  7. If you are eligible for your checks to be mailed, you must fill in your address and email. You'll receive your checks in five to seven days.

Local Education

Our local WIC office offers in office classes to meet your WIC requirements. These include: Breastfeeding Success, Healthy Pregnancy and Baby Behavior. Come in and get great support from WIC staff and connect with other families!

Nutrition Resources

Check out these resources on choosing healthy foods, nutritious cooking and getting fit! Remember that WIC offers coupons you can use at our local farmers markets and farm market classes when the season comes!


For recipes, textable recipes and shopping lists, "ask a dietician" nutrition question and answer and local resources visit eatFresh.
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Choose MyPlate

For tips on how to make a healthy plate work for you visit the Choose My Plate website.
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