Foster a Child

There are thousands of children in California's foster care system who require temporary out-of-home care because of neglect, abuse or exploitation. The preferred placement of children who require out-of-home care is with relatives. If a home with relatives is not a possibility, foster parents and other caretakers provide a supportive and stable environment for children who cannot live with their birth parents until family concerns are resolved. In most cases, the foster parents and care providers work with social services staff to reunify the child with the birth parents. Foster parents often provide care to many different children.

Resource Family Approval (RFA)

Resource Family Approval (RFA) is required to operate a foster home. The process requires an approval worker to visit your home and meet with you and other family members. Minimum personal, safety and space requirements are required by law. Foster parents work with social services staff to decide the type of child best suited for their home.

Sometimes children may require more intensive structured care. These children may be placed in licensed community care facilities that may be anywhere from six beds to much larger institutions. These group homes offer individualized treatment for children who require a more structured setting.

In addition to children placed in foster family homes and group homes, foster family agencies provide another placement resource. Agencies are licensed to provide certified family homes for children who require more services than are provided in foster family homes, yet these homes are less structured than group homes.  

Additional Information

Nevada County Child Protective Services (CPS) operates our own adoptions department and works closely with Sierra Forever Families. CPS also works closely with Foster Family Agencies.  E-mail us for more information or to become a foster parent.