Environmental Documents

The County Planning Department is responsible for the preparation of project specific environmental documents pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). These documents fall into three primary categories:
  • Exemptions
  • Negative Declaration/Mitigated Negative Declarations
  • Environmental Impact Reports
Pending and recently approved environmental documents released for public comment may be downloaded under Related Items below. Environmental documents that were prepared prior to October 1, 2013, are available for public viewing at the Planning Department, and may also be available to download by performing a keyword search or by viewing the webpage dedicated to the specific project. In general, EIRs are available on the project-specific webpage.

Related Items

  1. Pombo - Hobart Mills Indistrial Park IS (PLN19-0097, U13-003, EIS13-002)(PDF)
  2. Van Norden Dam-Final EIR (U16-003; MGT16-010; EIS16-003)
  3. Boca Quarry Expansion Draft EIR (PDF)
  4. Royer Tentative Parcel Map Initial Study (PLN18-0089 TPM18-0006 EIS19-0002)(PDF)
  5. Housing Element Update Initial Study (PLN19-0021; EIS19-0001) (PDF)
  6. Pollacek Initial Study (PLN18-0035; EIS18-0015) (PDF)
  7. Caldwell Initial Study (PLN18-0023; EIS18-0012) (PDF)
  8. Event Helper Initial Study (PLN18-0080; EIS18-0021) (PDF)
  9. AT&T Wild Life Initial Study (PLN17-0074; EIS17-0023) (PDF)
  10. Moore Initial Study (PLN17-0055 TPM17-0002 CMP18-0007, MGT18-0015 EIS18-0020) PDF
  11. Sunset Grove Initial Study (PLN18-0002; TFM18-0001; MGT18-0001 &-0002; EIS18-0001)(PDF)
  12. Campora Propane Service Initial Study PLN18-0054 CUP18-0012 EIS18-0018 (PDF)
  13. ZAP Manufacturing Initial Study (PLN18-0020; EIS18-0003) (PDF)
  14. Nevada City School of the Arts Initial Study (PLN16-0044; EIS18-0019) (PDF)
  15. Bledsoe Tentative Parcel Map Initial Study (PLN17-0087; EIS17-0025) (PDF)
  16. AT&T Truckee Austin Way Initial Study (PLN17-0128; EIS17-0029) (PDF)
  17. Western Gateway Bike Park Initial Study (PLN17-0041; EIS17-0010) (PDF)
  18. Paye Initial Study (PLN17-0051; EIS17-0030) (PDF)
  19. Tim the Tree Man Initial Study (U16-007; EIS18-0014) (PDF)
  20. AT&T Burning Bush Initial Study (PLN17-0073 EIS17-0022)
  21. AT&T Golden Bear Initial Study (PLN17-0095 EIS17-0026)
  22. AT&T Globe Lane Initial Study (PLN17-0066 EIS17-0021)
  23. Agritourism Ordinance Amendments Initial Study (PLN17-0037)
  24. Koch Initial Study (PLN17-0038)
  25. WNCCDP CEQA Initial Study-MND (PDF)
  26. WNCCDP Appendix B (PDF)
  27. WNCCDP Appendix C (PDF)
  28. 0 - Ananda Initial Study (PDF)
  29. 0 - Initial Study for Hansen Bros Greenhorn Creek (PDF)
  30. Bain EIS13-024, PM13-004 (PDF)
  31. US Forest Service Rezone Initial Study (PDF)
  32. Boreal Cell Tower (U15-010,EIS15-016) (PDF)
  33. Friend Parcel Map (PLN16-0083,TPM16-0004,EIS17-0005) (PDF)
  34. PLN16-0050-Ag-ORD-IS-ND (PDF)
  35. PM16-002 Caldwell Initial Study (PDF)
  36. Wildwood Self-Storage Init Study (PLN16-0089, CUP16-0017, LLA16-0017, AAP17-0002, EIS16-0004) (PDF)