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Read UP! Monthly Tutor Report

  1. This form is to be used only by Read Up! volunteer tutors to report their monthly hours. The information on the form will be emailed directly to Read Up! staff.
    Privacy and other policies concerning the information gathered through the use of this form are detailed on the Web Policies and Disclaimers page.

    Please complete and send this form by the 5th of each month.
  2. Example: Nevada County Library, Wednesdays 2pm
  3. Tutor Information
  4. Learner Information
  5. Examples: Math Sense, Voyager & Voyager Workbook, Making a Budget, GED Prep, Social Studies
  6. For the following five questions, please show the total hours spent in each work category for the entire month. Please round to 2 decimal places, i.e. ".25",".50",".75". So .25 is 15 minutes after the hour, .50 is 30 minutes after the hour, and .75 is 45 minutes after the hour.
  7. Example: Phone call to staff for advice/suggestions.
  8. If you had no meetings this month.
  9. Progress
  10. Examples:
    1) Math Sense, pp. 7 through 8 complete, reviewing percentages.
    [Learner] is being encouraged to move through the math slowly to improve accuracy. This approach will be necessary when she takes the GED exam.

    2) Voyager Workbook, Lessons 9 through12 complete. Orally [Learner] made up sentences using new vocabulary. Making a Budget, pp. 5 through 8 complete, oral reading and writing exercise.
  11. Examples:
    1) "2c" (No narrative of goal needed)
    2) "1a"
  12. Examples:
    1) "3d"
    2) "3f"
  13. Examples:
    1) "Student is not always prepared for a meeting"
    2) "Student is always positive"
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