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Read Up! Six-Week Match Review

  1. This form is to be used only by Read Up! volunteer tutors. The information on the form will be emailed directly to Read Up! staff.
    Privacy and other policies concerning the information gathered through the use of this form are detailed on the Web Policies page.

    Please complete the following information. Thank you!
  2. Are you comfortable with your student? Is it a good match?
  3. Has your student given adequate notice for late or canceled meetings?
  4. Does your student do his/her homework?
  5. Do you feel that you started on the right level with the student?
  6. Are you finding materials that are the appropriate ones for the student?
  7. Have you been able to develop lesson plans for each week and complete them successfully?
  8. Are you getting your monthly report in on time?
  9. For example: share a book with children, write a resume, get a driver's license.
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